Day Two: Room of Requirement

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.


Well, I immediately think of all the places I’ve ever been to – my home, friends’ homes, school, college, hospitals, banks, temples, etc. I remember my experiences with each of these places and reminiscences of those good-old-days.

That’s another of my posts – Nostalgic Nuggets –  which deals with the nostalgia of leaving one’s school :’)

Coming back to the prompt, we’ve the option of zooming to another planet, preferably with lesser gravity. I’d be Superman and could lazily float around… “Aaah… bliss”, that would be real fun – until, Interstellar comes back to my mind – no way I’m becoming a Dr. Mann and abandoning Planet Earth.

I cast my thoughts around to slowly realise the dawning of infinite possibilities that I could reach out to. It strikes me that this is what life is all about. Choices, and destiny.

All our lives are interconnected so strongly that what each one of us does, will manipulate the life of another. We’ve been tightly bound in this together. Kinda like, the choices that every single person (involved directly and indirectly in your life) make in your life is like one piece of a puzzle. Those are the destinies that you are meant to fulfil. And then, the final piece of the puzzle, which completes it and brings out the whole beautiful view of the picture is your choice. It’s your choice that will define or defy the importance of all the previous choices.

Putting it in perspective, it’s your destiny to be stuck in traffic on a particularly hot, sweaty day, when the air conditioning isn’t working and you are late for work. But then, isn’t it your choice, to accept that situation and simply enjoy the music from the radio till the traffic is cleared out?

Coming back into the prompt, I zoom in on one region of the Earth, from which I can access the past, present, future and beyond. A place which could teleport me back and forth to the farthest of galaxies to the most remote of islands and bring be back in a jiffy. The one place where I found the most bliss in my school, college and neighbourhood.

Happiness is ignoring the world because you're reading.
An escape from reality – Found it online 😀


Tons of books that can transfer to where I want and to when I want. One moment I could be lazing around with Tom Sawyer, the next moment battling Lord Voldemort and then swaying into the future with an Asimovian novel. The smell of the papers in the book. The sight of towering shelves of volumes of publications.

The sight of towering shelves of volumes of publications. The feel of the book in our hand. The smell of the papers. Aaah. The sound of the silence in a library, occasionally interrupted by the reverberation of a page being turned.

I tell you, there is no place on Earth where I’d rather be,
Than a fully equipped, silently splendid, library.


7 thoughts on “Day Two: Room of Requirement

  1. Ha! Love this interpretation of the prompt! I thought it was creative at first, but it didn’t CLICK until I read the paragraphs about books. How clever and beautiful to connect your dream locations with all the adventurous stories found in a library.

    And, like you say, we’re all interconnected: how appropriate to read through the ‘library’ of so many blogger’s interpretations of this same prompt and be transported to each of their own dream stories and locations. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hear this somewhere, “A book lets you travel without moving an inch!” So yes, a library is all we need indeed to go wherever we want to! 🙂

    Silently Splendid. Well said!

    Liked by 1 person

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