Day Five: Welcoming Death As An Old Friend

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

A disclaimer: This is a purely fictional post. Partly inspired from Hamlet, though. Any other similarity with characters living, dead or created would simply be co-incidental.
Point Included Later: And this is the first part of the series. The links to the next parts can be found below.

Thoughts of suicide have been haunting me for quite some time. Actually, I’ve been bringing those thoughts inside my head. Ever since I was framed for fraudulent practice in my institution.

I have always been a high flier. But jealousy probably made her accuse me and get me debarred from the university.

I do not understand how she managed to plant just the right amount of evidence – to get me kicked out – and nothing more. In an instant, my career and future came crashing down. I was a scholarship holder, atleast till the exam today. No family or relations to bog me down. Now, no more responsibilities to live up to as a scholar. No possibility of working for revenge. She’d be well protected now.

And a plan has started to form. All I need to do is


I walked on the path before seeing that the grass offered a better option to relax. Not that I needed to relax to find a way. I’m looking for ways to disappear from the planet, without trouble. I look down to see a sealed envelope at my feet. Having been punished for an undone crime, I think that I can be entitled to do one myself – of reading another’s letter.

H. A. Ted
Praying Tour

The subject, though, is in code. My intellectual brain cracks it in a few seconds. Simple anagrams. Reassembled it reads,

Kill the bearer of this letter.

And suddenly I know where I am headed. To deliver the letter to its rightful addressee.

Part 2: Taken For  A Ride

Part 3: The End


17 thoughts on “Day Five: Welcoming Death As An Old Friend

    1. That’s like a review for a chocolate.

      “Interestingly dark. But sweet at times. Quite an exquisitive combination. I like it”

      Haha. Just kidding. Thanks for reading through 🙂

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