Day Six: Characters…

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.


This year I have met many people. And each one proves to be as interesting as another. And somehow, they all seem to imbibe me with some form of lesson to be learnt.

Lessons to be learnt not just from achievers, but also from the negative experiences of others. I once came across the quote,

There are no bad guys, only misled and misguided people.
– Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art Of Living

Well, having learnt something from the people I meet, I can’t put my finger on a group of the most interesting people I’ve met.

It could be the group of students I’ve landed with as my classmates for the rest of my time in college. By far they are the most divergent batch I have met. Each with their own awesome talents. But, each totally different from the crowd, I’ve been accustomed to in school.

It could be the numerous like-minded students I’ve managed to make friends with, in the different College Clubs that I participate in. Great people think alike, and fools thoughts seldom differ. Yet, I feel at home there, participating with full gusto in the club activities.

It could be right here. It could be you, dear reader. Taking your time to go through this post which seems headed nowhere.

(By the way, I believe positive minded readers saw that as now, here and not so positive readers saw it as no where. Just kidding. Read on, fellow Netizen)

As I run through my mind, going on about who could possibly fill the void that answers today’s prompt – it strikes me.

It could pretty much be the guy I see in the mirror everyday. The guy who worries about how he looks everytime we catch each other’s eyes. The guy who treats every situation as a possible source of knowledge. I believe it is me.

Why shouldn’t it be?

Maybe because I haven’t met myself in this year? Well, I do feel that everytime I learn something from someone, I’m being a new person. Born out of the ashes of the one without those qualities.

A Phoneix.

*Input appropriate BGM*

Yep. The most interesting person I’ve met this year, is the NEW me. A me with upgraded qualities.


P.S.: This post sounds so narcissistic.


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