Day 12: Cloudy Conscience

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.
Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.


The solitary sun was high in the sky,
With no one to disturb – the ground, it did fry.

I was, as usual, left out alone. My best friend was investing his time with his girlfriend. I wasn’t jealous. I felt that I could have done with better company than my earphones.

Before it realised, his glory had evaporated a puddle of water.
Thus separating the bond of water 
with the soil matter

That was when I noticed that my friend was walking towards me. He said that he had been spending too much time ignoring his friends. This seemed as an important event to him, while she thought of it as a trifle. And he had decided to break up with her, because she wasn’t respecting his friends.

The sun soon found he had clouds for company
Scattered through the sky – they were not too many.

Even though his lips were resolute – his heart was not. I could see that in his eyes. He was broken. He was not at peace with his decision – he was in pieces. And I had to choose. Choose between his friendship with me, or his relationship with his girl. Choose just one, to repair and rebuild.

The sun willed the winds to move centre, left and right.
And thus forced the clouds, previously scattered to unite.

And then it rained – not a drizzle, but a shower
The water pelted down to meet the soil, his lover
And the sun shone through and Behold and Lo
There appeared the beautiful rainbow.

The sun again made his way through the solitary sky
And listening to his earphones, the ground, it didn’t fry.

The real life conversation was a fight, but for something else. And the sun required not just the winds, but also the help of a few moons to solve it out in reality. 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 12: Cloudy Conscience

    1. Thanks. I liked Today’s Twist – guess that showed up.

      I have no idea whether this is an actual style of writing or if this is something new (then I’d call it either prosetry or poetrose :p)

      I need to check on that and get back to you 😀


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