A Story Of Sacrifice

This is a story that began when stars were formed from dust.
It is the history that speaks of the sacrifice of love and not lust.

This ballad sings the story of four – Aakash and Prithvi.
With them, Indu and Savitha – characters four and three.

Prithvi and Aakash were born non-identical twin brothers;
Right from birth, they were always looking out for each other

Prithvi fell in love with Savitha – the girl who lived next door.
She was on fire, Prithvi described while he looked at her to adore.

His thoughts revolved around her throughout the year,
but to approach her beyond their limits – he did fear.

Unknown to him, their cousin Indu loved him dear,
but on his side affection did not appear for her.

Aakash, on the other hand, had loved Indhu for eternity,
but being a noble man, didn’t press for an opportunity.

When he did come to know of the love of his love
his pain went all the way to the heavens above.

He decided that her happiness was his
So to unite them, he would run any risk.

He believed that there was only one way, one logical decision.
To separate his brother from Savitha would be his mission.

From Savitham he wanted his brother would avert;
And towards Indu, Prithvi’s emotions would divert.

He thus becomes our ballad’s selfless hero
passing on happiness in spite of his sorrow.

His sorrow brings out rains of tears
and from sorrow happiness appears.

He lives to shield his brother from the girl on fire
and is often seen being destructed by the girl’s ire.

Indu, on her part, gravitates towards Prithvi.
and when they bind, it will be Aakash’s calamity.

Till now, his sacrifice is unknown to the world.
We see them every day but their stories are untold.

The work of a poet is just to show what is
In a way that people think, “What did I miss?

I believe I have done justice to my role as the poet
Romanticising and exaggerating a celestial duet.

Sometimes, the name of a person carries more than meaning
Once you search for understanding, you’ll realise my writing.

In case you haven’t realised it yet
these are the characters of our duet
Savitha – The Sun
Prithvi – The Earth
Indu – The Moon
Aakash – The Sky

Now read the poem with these meanings in place
And I hope I have you truly amazed.

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