Taken For A Ride (Part 2/3)

I’m using this photo prompt to continue one of my short stories that I wrote for Writing 101. This is the link:

Part 1: Welcoming Death

Part 3: The End


Part 2

Photo Prompt Of A Horse.
This week’s photo prompt is provided by ©pricelessjoy.

As I walk I notice and recognise an equestrian figure on the fields near the farm. I see a farm boy racing away, jumping over a fence – probably to get help for the unconscious man near the horse.

I identify them as the postman and his horse. The roads at the outskirts are not fit for a vehicle, and hence the horse post.

Help is on its way. The farm boy would be bringing the doctor anytime now. I realise that I am an outcast since the scandal. I should start to move. Or else, face some spite and slander.

Then it strikes me. The sealed envelope that I found – could have been blown by the wind from his bag. I open his bag to replace the envelope, so much for suicidal thoughts.

I find another which sets my thoughts in motion. And now I have two envelopes in two of my hands.

On the left I have an envelope which has directions for the addressee to bear the letter to Mr. H. A. Ted – and then be killed.
And on the right is a letter, for a scholarship holder. What I cannot digest is that in the place of my name as the scholarship student is her name.

A sneer spreads across my face as I slit them both open to exchange the contents.

This plan better work – besides I have nothing to lose.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week (June 16 – June 23) – 239 words.

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21 thoughts on “Taken For A Ride (Part 2/3)

      1. I’ll be honest, I read so many flash fiction stories during a week that I have trouble keeping up with the on-going stories. I enjoy those that are on-going but also stand alone well. This seemed to be a story that could also stand alone. Those of you who do these continuation stories are very brave! I don’t think I would be able to do it.

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        1. To each his own then. It takes all types of readers to make up the world. Sometimes a prompt looks so perfect along with the on going story that we can’t resist. In the words of R. K. Narayan: The short story affords a writer a welcome diversion from hard work. The novel, whether good or bad, printable or otherwise, involves considerable labour.

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  1. Hi Karthik, I just wanted to give you a head’s up. In the challenge post for next week, I will be asking everyone who is writing serial stories to wrap them up by the end of the month.


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