W101.V2. Day 1: The Right to Write

Why do I write? This is a really fundamental existential question, yet so needfully needs to be answered to fulfil the purpose of my existence.

My answer is pretty much the same as that of several others – “I write to express myself”, but then, the reason behind why I do do that, is quite different.

As different as a 7 billion population would allow, probably, many more already have stated the same reason.

I’m a socially awkward guy, who is a convenient introvert. I prefer being with myself – not lonely, but by being alone I have the best company in the world 😉 . But then again, thoughts are not meant to be locked up inside. They are born to roam free.

Grammar check points out that I prefer being by myself is more appropriate grammatically, but I think, I prefer being with myself conveys it in a much much better way.

  • Some prefer to voice it out, with the cavity between their nose and chin.
  • Some others like to paint it out on canvas.
  • A few blessed souls, including me, like to paint, using words, in other words, love to write.

In short, I write because, I find it the right way to let out my emotions and thoughts, which otherwise would suffer abortion in their womb, my brain.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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