W101.V2. Day 2. Listing My Lists

Why do we make lists? Me? I have a mild disposition towards perfection. Not as much as Sheldon Cooper, but not less than Sherlock Holmes. After all, I do possess a sock drawer index :p

  • I hate it when people get their grammar or punctuation wrong. Especially on the internet, because, well, you could get it checked if you had a doubt!
  • I particularly feel at peace if I am able to finish my tasks on time and am able to get stuff punctually.

And well, that is one reason as to why I make lists. I feel more comfortable knowing that I won’t miss out on anything that is expected of me.

I make lists for all reasons, starting from absurd to astounding too – something as simple as packing my bag, to making sure that the International Space Station stays, well, in space.

Sometimes, I have also made lists to make sure I don’t forget to download some songs, or that I watch a few tutorials to pick up a few software skills.

  • I learnt photo editing online, thanks to Youtube
  • I learnt blogging using learn.wordpress.com
  • I also learnt several software tricks and tips, thanks to a very famous search engine, whose logo, has lots of primary colours.
    For example, holding down Alt, and double clicking on a file, makes the properties tab to open up.
  • I also learnt that several people, even in the presence of several online grammar checkers, make a lot of grammar mistakes.

Sometimes, I am quite wistful. Rather, my lists are quite wistful. I tend to make really absurd lists with subjects that have about less than – 25% of happening. That would include

  • The ability to read people’s minds
  • The ability to fly
  • The belief that by blogging about it, people might change their online grammar mistakes
  • What the hell, I would love any of the above said superhuman abilities.
  • Creating an army of minions
  • Having a robot army
  • Learning all the languages of the world
  • And of course, believing that by making lists, I am making sure that the International Space Station stays, well, in space.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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