W101.V2. Day 3. Ssh !

Secrets have always been part of people’s lives. It is an oft repeated piece of advice that

a man’s wage and a woman’s age are best kept secret.

To be honest with everyone is not going to work out – at best it would backfire on you. At worst, well, the roads to hell are paved with good intentions, if you get my drift.

A secret is usually kept between a couple, or more people. Universally, it is always the same phrase that is said while receiving a secret –

“I won’t tell anyone”

and the perpetual aside,

“except for my best friend”.

Some secrets are so famous, that everyone thinks that they alone know about it. For example, the great secret that USB flash drives needn’t be carefully ejected before pulling them out. Actually, you have to do it, if you want to make sure that data has been transferred safely, but then no one bothers.

Some of us, prefer not to talk too much, much like Raj to women in TBBT. We prefer keeping our thoughts within ourselves, unless our golden words are required to keep the world from imploding onto itself. Since that is a rarity, well, we’d keep our thoughts to ourselves, earning labels such as “introvert” & “silent killers”.

Well, considering the fact that a secret is sometimes, not intentional at all. Some stuff remains untold, because they were never asked in the first place.

Very much like the point of time when you never told your crush that you liked him/her, and so it remained a secret. And he/she eventually fell in love with the one who did tell them.

And since we are on this topic, I’ll finish this with a nice quote:

People accused of crime are innocent until proven guilty.
Any normal person is intellectually gifted, until he/she starts talking.


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