W101.V2. Day 6. My Space

To answer the questions that have been posed during the assignment

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?

Answer number 1, I don’t have a habit of writing. A habit would refer to an addiction – an inability to survive the day without carrying forward the activity. It might also refer to a forced action that we just HAVE to do no matter whether we want to or not – like brushing our teeth for example.

Writing for me is a kind of love that I tend to do as a let out of my emotions and thoughts; I regard it as a kind of conversation I have with people who think alike. It’s not a forced ‘action’ or addictive ‘habit’ – I just write because I want to.

By the way – I do brush my teeth, don’t get any ideas about my oral hygiene from that line 😉

Most of the time I type in a laptop, nothing more – nothing else. But more not than often, I write the greater portions of  my post in my head, just the general outline in my head before I get into the blog to type it out. Occasionally I do use my phone if I’m typing out comments’ replies or if I’m putting up Single Sentence Stories – Just a couple of lines to convey heartfelt emotions.

And what do I need in my physical space. Sometimes, if I am doing an intensively creative post that needs me to think a lot, all I need is a lot of silence. Sadly that is something I hardly am able to achieve. So I tend to stay up at night and publish posts. That makes me feel like a superhero:

Diligent Day Scholar at a College by morning and Whimsical WordPress Blogger by night.

So I guess that’s it about my habit activity passion love for writing.

Oh and did you know – I have this contact form set up if you wanna tell me about anything at all:

Contact me?


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