Open Sesame

a picture of a door
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There are two sides to the door.
The side that opens, and the side that does the opening. Whether the door was locked or not, depends on the relationship between the two sides.

But then again, she stared at the door and imagined the room beyond – her room, her room of requirement, her panic room … her everywhere.
Only she knew the value of the place within – but for the others, it was mere brick and mortar. She knew of the emotions that this room possessed – for every time she was here, they were brought on to her. The room meant more than anything else to her since it was here that her life had been defined by her family as a child. And it was here that she had last seen them.
The room could no longer house people, not after the blast that made orphaned her and made the room, just brick, and mortar, devoid of emotions.
The room now existed, only in a photo.

/*Long time no post. This is a first of many to come in my plan to increase the number of posts I put up per week*/

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week (April 5 – April 11, 2015) – 170 words.

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