On The Wall

As long as I existed, I knew no place other than here. Stuck in this realm for as long as need be, and I had but a loathing of here and now. The greatest pain that infuriated me was my look-alike. Shame be on me for calling her a pain, but to look like the Royal likeness was more a bane than a boon.

I had to mirror her actions day in and day out – for that was the law of my realm. How marvellous indeed. Her very appearance imitated and irritated me, but not for long. With the Dagger finally, in my possession, I need no longer be the nitwit I used to be.

And at the appropriate opportune moment, I lunged forward through her looking-glass.

And I had travelled. Travelled away from the Realm of Reflections and into the Land of the Living.

I had been waiting to strut across the barrier my whole life.

“Free, I am,” I stated, my voice ringing with pride. Words I had been waiting to hear my entire life.

“and you may no longer be,” I finished as I finished her, pushing her through the portal.

Flash Fiction For The Purposeful Practitioner: Week #20 – 2016 – 199 words.

Sentence to be used in the story: “I had been waiting to hear those words my entire life…”

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12 thoughts on “On The Wall”

  1. I agree with J.A. your story is both creepy and fascinating. I’m glad the ‘mirror image’ self is free to live but I feel bad for her other self ‘the girl the mirror in the image mirrored’ because I don’t think she knew she was controlling her other self. She just thought it was her reflection. Well written.

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  2. Like this idea, though it is very creepy. Mirrors do seem to have a fascination for us, don’t they, as if they hold other worlds, similar but different from our own. A nice, creepy twist on the prompt – well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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