Mad-Eye and Moody

“ … I’m Mad. I’m Mad. I’m Mad. I’m …

When did I go mad? Am I going mad? Am I going to go mad?

I see things which others can’t. Or so THEY say. THEY have gone mad – to not be able to see things that are perfectly visible?

I remember my past before my madness, or was it after? I don’t know. Maybe I was a Professor at the State University before I saw things that made them put me here. Maybe I was a mathematical intellect. One who could see the solution as soon as I saw the question.

Maybe THEY couldn’t see what I did. Maybe I went blind and am not seeing at all. Maybe THEY are the blind ones.

But you can see, can’t you?

The solution to the Riemann Hypothesis was evident from the start. 7 consequent days and 8 sleepless nights were what it took for me to make it simple enough for them to see.  But now I can see so much more. Even what others can not.

They say they can see that I am blind from my lack of sleep. Yet I see what they can not. Have I gone mad? Or was I always mad? Am I mad? I am Mad?

… Mad? I’m Mad? I’m …”

he whispered in a breathy thin voice from the far side of the two side mirror located at the trainee room of the asylum.

“Did you name him Mad-Eye, because of the way his prosthetic eye looks?”

“Of course not. He was nicknamed thus because the only thing the subject is capable of repeating is that phrase”

“Oh. That seems obvious. I thought he was saying I’m mad, I’m mad…”

Something that looks like an artificial eye
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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week (June 14– June 20, 2016) – 304 words.

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