Insulated to Insults

Have you ever felt alone a room with a crowd when you tried to blend?
Alone in a room crowded with people who you call as friends
and realised that so long all their love and fun was but pretend.

No one will truly pay attention to you anymore:
Neither the guy who you help at the eleventh hour
Nor the girl whom you got stuff done for.

Everyone has their own special ones to spend time with
but it was and never will be you and your mirth

You walk around trying to make a conversation
but end up with awkward conservations.

Once or twice the exchange is longer than just a longing
but that is merely a follow up of a service pending
or a problem for which they need mending

You hear of meet-ups and parties
but never see one in your reality.

You see the real faces of the ones with fake smiles
the ones who you thought will last for miles

You don’t feel sad or angry at being used
you feel more or less disappointed and bruised
of how little into other’s lives you have diffused.

But wait, let’s not kill ourselves yet

Live your life for the one person who
will be there with you no matter what you do:


It is during these experiences you
realise that the only person to save yourself is


A graphic design of the word you, pulling up the word you.
the only person to save yourself is you.
I am obliged to say that this is purely fictional, but then I may be lying.

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Jack of many trades, master of none

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