Café Vendetta

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller. Thank you, Dawn, for our photo prompt!

08.30 PM Café Vendetta.

The two cups sat leisurely on Table 19, unlike the sole occupant: a visibly frustrated 25-year-old male with blue eyes. He stood up and threw a few pieces of paper, one scribbled on, the rest – money. He left the table with a longing glance towards the ladies room where she had disappeared to, right after the 8 o’clock news started to air. He walked out as the newsreader finished the update.

and thanks to our local superhero, the fire that broke out in the City Hall has been brought under control!

09.00 PM Café Vendetta.

The girl reapplied her mascara as she walked back to Table 19. She felt crushed as she saw the paper and realised that this date wouldn’t come through either. Being a superhero had its highs and lows. Personal relationships were on an all-time low. Just as well, she wouldn’t want harm to come the way of the blue-eyed guy thanks to her.

Her heart almost skipped a beat as she read the seven words he had written for her. Her instincts told her that something was off. She realised she was late for the first time, and probably the last, as she moved to shield the restaurant from the bomb under Table 19.

09.00 PM The Villain’s Lair.

The Super Villain chuckled with pleasure at fatally harming the superhero. The day had been well spent constructing the bombs. The evening was better spent delivering them – one to the city hall, the other to Table 19. The night had been the best spent, for he had dined with his mortal enemy or rather, with her docile alter ego. The visibly joyous 25-year-old male with blue eyes saw the girl quivering on her way to death with the ashes of a paper in her hand, which not too earlier had borne the words

My my! How have the tables turned?

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  1. Well at first, it was your comment to a post on a Facebook forum that led me to your profile there. Next, it was a link to this post on your timeline where just that little exposure to your article got me hooked with your language and sense of words. Finally, as I read on, damn! The ending makes me want to read more stuff from a mind like yours!

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