Cat on the Wall

photo by Timothy Meinberg via Unsplash

“Launching my next attempt at jumping across the water to reach the rat-infested ship – may the force be with me. Catpain out.”


Miles away a video was being uploaded on the servers of a very popular social media website almost instantaneously, bearing the caption, ‘Cat falls to death by drowning trying to catch a ship. LOL.’


“My ninth and last attempt at flushing out the rats and clearing out the ship, WILL NOT be hampered by a body of water. May the force be with me as I decide to walk over the wall to a better vantage point. Catpain over and out.”

This is a response to Sonya’s challenge, 3 Line Tales, where we write 3 lines about the picture above.

P.S. Catpain is not a typo – rather an attempt at making a pun with a Cat Captain.

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