She spent more time in the hospital than in her classes.

The doctors and professors had permitted the chronically ill student to take part through video calls. She hoped that someone would walk across the road to the hospital, and save her life.

He spent more time in parties than in his classes.

With the considerable influence of a professor in the family, he was still around in college. He had found a way to get the credits he needed. He had to cross the road to the hospital.

A person standing at a Zebra crossing. The other side of the road has tents put up. There are cars on the road.
This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you Dorothy! (Click the pic to get to the source)

“Are you sure, sir? We are in dire need of your type for one of our long term patients. She must be around your age. Once we get a positive on the blood type, we’ll be able to save her life.”

“Sure miss. Anything for my community service – it’ll help with the college credits.”

“Let’s just wait for the preliminary test results, shall we?”

He could have sworn he had never seen as much extreme emotion in the eyes of a woman as he saw in the nurse’s eyes as she read out the positive results on the paper.

Blood Alcohol Content: Positive.

Far reach#1: Those white tents reminded me of quarantine tents and hospitals.
Far reach#2: I am pretty sure that it takes more than a few minutes to determine if alcohol is present. Even otherwise, medical professionals won’t discuss one person’s history in front of others.

It feels good to be back in writing. Looking forward to posting more from now.

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