A rock with ancient lookking marks on it.


As they uncovered more earth, they hit a stone.

“Stop,” the lead archaeologist cried out, “I think we found something.”

“According to my research of the cross-lingual lexico-semantic transfer, I believe this stone has inscriptions that contain incredible information about the culture of the people who lived right here…”


* translated from Grunts to English for the reader’s understanding *

“Young one. Stop wall scribble. They make dirty.”

“Female one who made my child stop. He learns. He make his story.”

“History is a hoax. No history before us. Show me the meaning…”


“Dude macha, I just finished scratching on this rock. What do you think?”

“Seems like real Insta worthy art to me”

“Exactly what I thought. I am going to hide this in the hole till I get my phone back from my mom. Can you believe she grounded me – FOR NOT FINISHING BREAKFAST?”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week (November 14, 2017 – November 20, 2017) – 153 words.

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