What is this about?

Vanakkam. Vandhanam. Namashkar. Swagatham. Hey there! Thanks for checking out this blog.

In case you haven’t realised it yet, my name is Karthik and I love to write. My passion for writing started out way back in third grade (I’d guess I was eight) when I wrote this poem for a class assignment – still one of my favourites 😉

I had always longed to be a writer. Everyone who I knew and knew that I wanted to be a writer encouraged me to start a blog. But I never took the leap, plagued by my self-doubt best phrased as “Do I write well enough?”

This was running around in my head till one fine day, my professor at college made the class create individual blogs as part of a project and I decided I had postponed the blog enough.

The Blog Of Karthi was born.

Cue: Music

Sleeping with your dreams is fun, but living them out is the best life there is. Not many get to include their passion in their life, and thankfully, I can count myself among the lucky few. The support and love I receive on this blog has more than overwhelmed and answered the questions my self-doubt has held up to me.


I now post on an almost regular basis on this blog. Check back and follow my blog for some great fiction and poetry that’s bound to interest you. And of course, rare rants about issues that I feel strongly about.

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