What is this all about?

Vanakkam. Vandhanam. Namashkar. Swagatham.

Hello from the other side of the screen. Thank you for checking out my blog. Since you’re on this page, I guess you want to know a bit more about me and the blog, so here’s the origin story.

My name is Karthik, and I love to write. I‌ remember the first time I wrote something creative: I‌ was around eight years old. I had an assignment in school to write a poem or a story about a rainy day. I took a couple of attempts to write a story before I‌ was gently nudged to try out poetry because the stories didn’t work. Back then, we were still using pencils and I‌ distinctly remember erasing the stories I had written out to make way for a simple six-line poem on rain.

This was the single step that began the journey of a thousand miles.

Through the rest of my time in school, I would keep writing on and off. I never took writing seriously enough to consider it as a career. I was instead aiming to get into the field of medicine. While I‌ agree that it’s a different track altogether, I‌’m not going too deep into the details. My career‌ interests deserve their own post. Once I’m done with that load of emotional baggage, I’ll write it out and link it here. If you can see a link already, that only means I’m done with it. Till then, here’s a post about the songs I like, that touches the topic tangentially.

After school, I went to college to pursue a degree in media sciences. This time, I‌ was relying a lot on writing. Up to this point whenever I‌ mentioned that I‌ could write, one constant question was if I had a blog. But I never took the leap, plagued by my self-doubt best phrased as “Do I write well enough?”

That was the case until one of my earliest projects in college was to create a blog. While we created a blog for the sake of our grades, I also realised I‌ had postponed the blog enough. That blog was designed to function for my grade, so it never took off. Anyhow, later that semester, I took the plunge. I spent a couple of nights on WordPress and

The Blog Of Karthi was born. 

While my blog was there, I never got around to posting regularly till a few months later when I‌ came across the WordPress Blogging University that introduced me to other blogs, and gave me enough prompts and ideas for my blog. My blog took off and I had a ton of support, love, feedback from a bunch of people who I‌ had never met in real life. When someone I‌ didn’t know spends their time to read and give feedback about what I‌ write, it is a gratifying experience. Additionally, this also helped me answer my questions of self-doubt.

I do write well enough.
It doesn’t matter as long as I’m having fun with the blog

I wrote regularly on the blog through college. Apart from poetry, flash fiction caught my eye. Thanks to prompt boards from blogs like 3 line tales, flash fiction for aspiring writers, flash fiction for the practical practitioner, I was regularly posting content to like-minded bloggers – and got to read their ideas on the same prompts (the links in the previous sentence will lead you to the blogs which supplied the prompts and a place to share our work. If you’re interested in what I wrote, you can check out the menu. It’s either on the left or on the top depending on which device you’re using). However, towards the last year of college, I got a lot on my plate and my blog went into this spiral of silence.

I‌ passed out of college and now I’ve started working. A bulk of my work requires me to write. While it’s not creative in nature, it is still in essence, writing. After about a year of working, I realised I‌ needed a creative outlet and my dormant blog beckoned me. I’ve started consuming more content from other people – through other blogs, movies, vlogs, books and so on – in a bid to gain perspective beyond myself. It’s been some time since I‌ was here, but here is where I write for the sake of writing. This is cliche, but I hope you enjoy reading what I write more than I‌ enjoyed writing them.

Welcome to my blog

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