The Broken Walls

Home is where the heart is. But when the home is ravaged ... the heart no longer is.


This. Made. My. YEAR.

It's been a looong ride. One complete year on my blog. *Does the dance of celebration* Hope you all liked my blog as much as I liked typing it out. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog. Here's an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog … Continue reading This. Made. My. YEAR.

Presenting the Future to my Past

Reading the diary of the past years or scrolling down the Facebook timeline into a couple of years ago is a very very dangerous thing for your self esteem.

W101.V2. Day 5. Musings of a Muse

Since every thought process of ours is actually put into our head by the outside world - aren't all our stories & poems, which arise from these said thought processes, actually unoriginal in nature?

W101.V2. Day 1: The Right to Write

Grammar check points out that I prefer being by myself is more appropriate grammatically, but I think, I prefer being with myself conveys it in a much much better way.

It’s Been A While

My sincere apologies to all my followers for my absence 😦 I've been a bit busy lately - and was not able to attend to my blog. Although I did my best with looking through my emails and visited a few other blogs though. And yes - a few developments: 1. I've updated the "And … Continue reading It’s Been A While

And The Award Goes To…

I've been nominated thrice now. And I better nominate others before someone else nominates me and I run out of candidates for my nomination process.