Twice Upon a Time

Today would be the last day in his dorm room. He had finished packing his stuff and would be leaving behind a bunch of old clothes that he wouldn’t find a use for. He double-checked to see if he was carrying his lucky shoelaces, the ones that earned him his nickname through college. He would have walked right into the course of a car and had tripped over the laces and fell down. It was a brush with death, but ever since then, life had turned out to be just like his nickname: Perfect. His photographic memory brought back traumatic moments from the past when he should have simply died but survived solely due to his perfect luck.

Something pulled him back to the moment. It was an unnerving feeling like the calm before the storm. His confusion was replaced by disbelief as he saw himself walk in.

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A rock with ancient lookking marks on it.


As they uncovered more earth, they hit a stone.

“Stop,” the lead archaeologist cried out, “I think we found something.”

“According to my research of the cross-lingual lexico-semantic transfer, I believe this stone has inscriptions that contain incredible information about the culture of the people who lived right here…”


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Waving Farewell

A girl in a red hoodie standing on a beach made of black sand
photo by Alex Iby via Unsplash

Ariel felt really uncomfortable on the beach for she had just found out that sea water was fatal to all her kin.

Once she made sure that those she had thrown into the sea weren’t returning in one piece, she hummed to herself as she walked back to the land.

Karma was indeed a boomerang, for she had visited the beach on a day when a Tsunami warning had been issued for the coastlines.

This is a response to Sonya’s challenge, 3 Line Tales, where we write 3 lines about the picture above.


She spent more time in the hospital than in her classes.

The doctors and professors had permitted the chronically ill student to take part through video calls. She hoped that someone would walk across the road to the hospital, and save her life.

He spent more time in parties than in his classes.

With the considerable influence of a professor in the family, he was still around in college. He had found a way to get the credits he needed. He had to cross the road to the hospital.

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A train station
photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash

12 seconds to go up a flight of stairs, 5 to dash across the overhead footpath, and 10 steps to come down right next to the train – leaving us with under a minute to spend before the train departs.

And yet, I stay here on the other end of the railway station, sending a predetermined message of farewell, written earlier in the day.

As my message lights up the phone’s screen, I can spot the smile that’s enough for me – I don’t want us to see each other, just to be separated in under a minute by predetermined fate.

This is a response to Sonya’s challenge, 3 Line Tales, where we write 3 lines about the picture above.

My writing is a bit rusty 🙂 It’s been months since I last wrote fiction. Hoping to change habits, again. Also, I’ve been unable to add comments on other blog’s posts. Have any of you faced something similar? If so, how do I set it right?

That Escalated Quickly

This week’s photo prompt is provided by J.S. Brand. Thank you J.S. for our photo prompt!

“No fair. You know this place like the back of your hand,” he complained.

“That’s true only if I’ve seen my hands thirteen times in my life, to be exact,” she retorted.

You say you’ve planted a tree every time you climbed up here?

“And today it’s your turn.”

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Leagues Under The Sea

photo by Joel Filipe via Unsplash

The jellyfish swim deep underwater without fear of the turtle in the sea.

The sick humans dump their plastics to sink underwater without fear of destiny.

The poor sea turtle, clearly confused in murky underwater between venom and delicacy.

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Cat on the Wall

photo by Timothy Meinberg via Unsplash

“Launching my next attempt at jumping across the water to reach the rat-infested ship – may the force be with me. Catpain out.”


Miles away a video was being uploaded on the servers of a very popular social media website almost instantaneously, bearing the caption, ‘Cat falls to death by drowning trying to catch a ship. LOL.’


“My ninth and last attempt at flushing out the rats and clearing out the ship, WILL NOT be hampered by a body of water. May the force be with me as I decide to walk over the wall to a better vantage point. Catpain over and out.”

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Not All Who Wander

photo by Faustin Tuyambaze via Unsplash

The speech droned on about maintaining one’s individual traits to make the world a better place to be.

What a hypocrite. As if we ever stood a chance,” the artist scoffed, looking up at the stars.

For both up in the starry heavens and on Earth, individuals were lost in a sea of similarity, trying to find themselves.

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What’s The Time?

For the best time of forty years, they had stuck together.
They shared laughs, tears, thoughts, and fears.

But not too soon, one had to part ways
and yet his chair always held his place.

For another decade, they stood side by side
Shared their fears and shoulders while they cried.

Alas, time is a ruthless overlord but in a friend’s guise:
for soon enough the next one had experienced demise.

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