Missing Me?

Photo prompt provided by : https://pixabay.com/en/light-paint-leather-boot-boot-shoe-316067/

There are his shoes. So where is he?
I ponder as I tie the laces, tighter than necessary.
But I should not wonder where he would be.
Gone on to where shoes are not needed – my tears come easy.

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Bird Brains

It has been twenty years since I last came on this tour. It was then that I learnt that you never do anything halfway. Good thing that I did complete this wildlife tour, or I would never have met my better half.

I was 20ish and a hot-headed youngster. He and I had snuck into a treehouse and spent the day there. I playfully threw his shoe at him, but that fell out the alcove onto the nearby tree, knocking down a pretty bluebird. After that, we had hunted the shoe down before cutting across the path in the woods to re-join the trek.

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On The Wall

As long as I existed, I knew no place other than here. Stuck in this realm for as long as need be, and I had but a loathing of here and now. The greatest pain that infuriated me was my look-alike. Shame be on me for calling her a pain, but to look like the Royal likeness was more a bane than a boon.

I had to mirror her actions day in and day out – for that was the law of my realm. How marvellous indeed. Her very appearance imitated and irritated me, but not for long. With the Dagger finally, in my possession, I need no longer be the nitwit I used to be.

And at the appropriate opportune moment, I lunged forward through her looking-glass.

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Something Smells Fishy…

The photo is provided by https://pixabay.com/en/meerkat-fur-small-face-mouth-316736/

What is that peculiar smell?” Mario wondered loudly as his companion Kat looked around following the smell too. It then dawned upon on them.

“Mark is cooking our dinner – I almost forgot about that.” She exclaimed and looked around. “I wonder what he cooked up that smells so bad!”

“Well then, let’s go find out” he replied.

They started walking back, in a way only meerkats could and looked around the camp that they all had set up here – an abode safe from all predators with food aplenty. They had taken to sharing chores and everything was going beautifully well. They walked into the enclosure but couldn’t quite see Mark.

They both froze as the question popped into their heads again “What is that peculiar smell?” as a perilous shadow loomed over them.

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