#9 In Security

He ignored, because he knew he wouldn't survive if they did.   P.S. Thinking of making this a full on post - any suggestions?


#8 In So Many Yaks

I lost track of the jumping sheep after 7,985,254 because the sun came up.   P.S. The title refers to Insomniacs - people who find it difficult to sleep.

#7 Monsoon, Come Soon

An umbrella is more romantic than a raincoat as I could share it with her.  

#6 Stupid Rhymes With Cupid

"Love is the only place where we don't feel the pain as soon as we fall", she thought as she picked herself up.  

#5 Reunion

Death didn't separate; it reunited them  

#4 Pain

Pain was the sprain while torture was an inability to turn to look at the girls in the hospital.  

#3 Immortal

Having died for the country, he lived forever.