Leagues Under The Sea

The jellyfish swim deep underwater without fear of the turtle in the sea. The sick humans dump their plastics to sink underwater without fear of its destiny. The poor sea turtle, clearly confused in murky underwater between venom and delicacy. This is a response to Sonya’s challenge, 3 Line Tales, where we write 3 lines … Continue reading Leagues Under The Sea


Cat on the Wall

“Launching my next attempt at jumping across the water to reach the rat infested ship – may the force be with me. Catpain out.” *SPLASH* Miles away a video was being uploaded on the servers of a very popular social media website almost instantaneously, bearing the caption, 'Cat falls to death by drowning trying to … Continue reading Cat on the Wall

Not All Who Wander

The speech droned on about maintaining one's individual traits to make the world a better place to be. "What a hypocrite. As if we ever stood a chance", the artist scoffed, looking up at the stars. For both up in the starry heavens and on Earth, individuals were lost in a sea of similarity, trying … Continue reading Not All Who Wander


It had been nearly four weeks since Ghoti the fish had trapped Nagini the snake in the human’s trap. Ghoti felt fearless as she wandered the creek when she realised another presence: smelling Nagini for the first time since her death. Ghoti turned to feel the skin of Nagini for one last time as Ghoti … Continue reading Karma


Inside a cracked wall, he found a flower. Inside a broken heart, she found a lover. Inside this broken world, we are yet to find peace that lasts forever.

(H)Identity | Hidden Identity

Her face was but cold, still and dead. Remorse and pain shot through him as the scene, he fled. But never he did discover the mask which she always held.


No matter how old she was, he made her trip and fall With him around, she would always have a ball For, no matter how old she grew, she was a kitten after all.