It’s Been A While

My sincere apologies to all my followers for my absence. I’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t given my blog the attention it deserves. Although I did my best with the blogs I followed and visited them. And yes – a few developments:

  1. I’ve updated the “And The Award Goes To…” post. That is, I have added the five random facts about my humble self.
  2. I’m going to start with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Something to keep my blog up and active.
  3. And once I get that up and running – depending on the response, I plan to post my prose-poetry on a weekly basis. (Remember Cloudy Conscience?)

That’s all for now – catch you all at my flash fiction and poetry pages 😉

And The Award Goes To…

I launched my first blog, this one, around December 2014. However, it picked up pace, comments, likes and followers following my involvement in Writing101 in April 2015.

And I noticed a lot of bloggers nominating each other for some award or the other. To tell the truth, I was hoping that I wasn’t to be nominated as I am not familiar with the blogs of others. But then, the path we take to avoid destiny is often the path that leads to it.

I decided to stop doing all these blog awards.

No more blog nominations

While I really appreciate that people think of me while they have to do nominations, I think there are other stuff that we can do to encourage one another, instead of these awards. So, thank you for these awards, but instead how about

  • Reading what we write, and giving feedback via the comments section, or with the contact page.
  • When we find posts that we like, we could share it with the people around us.
  • If we like a blog, in particular, we could follow it, or recommend it to the people who we know will love it.
  • If something inspires us, we could write, and then talk about what inspired us. This will create a chain of posts that will help us catch the eyes of readers who love to read what we write.
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