This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!

The erstwhile peaceful hills were disturbed occasionally by the sounds of horses and men. But today, it was the noise of two cars and their young drivers speeding up the hill that broke the peace.

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Bird Brains

It has been twenty years since I last came on this tour. It was then that I learnt that you never do anything halfway. Good thing that I did complete this wildlife tour, or I would never have met my better half.

I was 20ish and a hot-headed youngster. He and I had snuck into a treehouse and spent the day there. I playfully threw his shoe at him, but that fell out the alcove onto the nearby tree, knocking down a pretty bluebird. After that, we had hunted the shoe down before cutting across the path in the woods to re-join the trek.

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Mad-Eye and Moody

“ … I’m Mad. I’m Mad. I’m Mad. I’m …

When did I go mad? Am I going mad? Am I going to go mad?

I see things which others can’t. Or so THEY say. THEY have gone mad – to not be able to see things that are perfectly visible?

I remember my past before my madness, or was it after? I don’t know. Maybe I was a Professor at the State University before I saw things that made them put me here. Maybe I was a mathematical intellect. One who could see the solution as soon as I saw the question.

Maybe THEY couldn’t see what I did. Maybe I went blind and am not seeing at all. Maybe THEY are the blind ones.

But you can see, can’t you?

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He locked eyes with the enemy and pulled out his sword. It felt heavier than ever and he grasped it with both hands and steadied himself. He walked forward as directed by the higher powers.

He brought the sword down onto the neck of his fallen foe. His forehead broke out into a sweat as he saw the body on the floor staining the stage.

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