Something Smells Fishy…

The photo is provided by
The photo is provided by

The line to be used alongside the photograph in the piece of fiction: “What is that peculiar smell?”


What is that peculiar smell?” Mario wondered loudly as his companion Kat looked around following the smell too. It then dawned upon on them.

“Mark is cooking our dinner – I almost forgot about that. I wonder what he cooked up that smells so bad!” she exclaimed. “Well then, let’s go find out”, he replied.

They started walking back, in a way only meerkats could and looked around  the camp that they all had set up here – an abode safe from all predators with food aplenty. They had taken to sharing chores and everything was going  beautifully well. They walked into the enclosure but couldn’t quite see Mark.

They both froze as the question popped into their heads again “What is that peculiar smell?”, as a perilous shadow loomed over them.

The shadow of the bipedal picked up Mario– just as easily as it had earlier picked up Mark while Kat could do but scamper away. The human threw Mario into the pot and stoked the fire, while his companion looked around, sniffing, “What is that peculiar smell?

/* So yeah, this is the first time I am writing for FFfTP – this one makes us write with a photo prompt, as well as a line to be used, the photo provided is linked up there. Hope you all like it*/

Flash Fiction For The Purposeful Practitioner: Week #15 – 2016 – 176 words.

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