Bird Brains

It has been twenty years since I last came on this tour. It was then that I learnt that you never do anything halfway. Good thing that I did complete this wildlife tour, or I would never have met my better half.

I was 20ish and a hot-headed youngster. He and I had snuck into a treehouse and spent the day there. I playfully threw his shoe at him, but that fell out the alcove onto the nearby tree, knocking down a pretty bluebird. After that, we had hunted the shoe down before cutting across the path in the woods to re-join the trek.

Her thoughts were cut across by a voice. Shock ran over her face as she saw the bird which she had killed talking.

“… WILL … GET … IT … BACK … FROM … YOU,” it screeched.

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And she knew that she had to run, because she was the one who had killed.

“Why did she run away from the broken bird?” exclaimed the tour guide.

“Broken?” the husband questioned, who seemed just as ready to run away.

“Yes. It’s supposed to say THIS TREK WILL GET BACK THE INNER CHILD FROM YOU but someone knocked it down a long time back and broke it and now all it says is….”

But before he could finish, the husband had taken off after his wife.

Flash Fiction For The Purposeful Practitioner: Week #25 2016 – 229 words.

Sentence to be used in story: “You never do anything halfway…”

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