This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!

The erstwhile peaceful hills were disturbed occasionally by the sounds of horses and men. But today, it was the noise of two cars and their young drivers speeding up the hill that broke the peace.

The youngsters were in a mood to race and the old man who trotted up to them on a horse said, “You kids wanna race here, y’all need to count me in too. Dun lookie at me like that son. My girl here can strike up a 50 miles an hour”

The boys in the cars snickered and motioned him to line up. The man was old but young enough to hear their choice of expletives.

One hour later. 50 miles away.
The Hillside Police Station.

“I saw it with me two eyes ser. 4 of ‘em if you count my horsie too. There were two cars dangling like a newborn on its mamma’s lap down the Devil’s Turn. You of all people need to keep a lookout there to stop these rash young ‘uns from racing on these mountain hills as if it were them plains.”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week (August 2 – August 8, 2016) – 180 words.

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